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5/8/2005, Mom trip day 12: Mother's Day, Kobe, Suma Rikyu Park and Garden

Having fallen off her bicycle, sustained a concussion and being pretty bruised up, it took some effort, but my mom didn't let any of that get in the way of our Mother's Day plans.  We met up with Akemi and her mother and headed for Suma Rikyu Park, just outside of Kobe.  Before going in the park, we stopped and had sushi and somen (noodles) for lunch.

Suma Rikyu Park

Suma Rikyu Park is a beautiful park.  Among many other things, there is a rose garden with roses from all over the world.  There is also a pond with beautiful water lillies (lotus flowers), carp, and turtles.  The whole thing is right next to the sea.  My mom and I took quite a few pictures.  Many are pretty, so I'll post some here.

thumbnailAn interesting tree we saw.
thumbnailSame tree, a litter closer.
thumbnailMy mom in the rose garden.  I feel pretty sure this is my favorite picture I've ever taken.
thumbnailMy mom again in the rose garden.  She was having fun.
thumbnailFlowers in the garden.
thumbnailThe villa that is at the center of this place.
thumbnailWater lillies (lotus flowers).
thumbnailWater lillies (lotus flowers).
thumbnailWater lillies (lotus flowers).
thumbnailIt's the funnies thing, but wherever my mom goes, the carp follow her.  If she walks to a different place along the shore of the pond, they follow her.  If I'm standing next to the pond and she walks up to the pond in a different place, the carp that were near me leave and go to where my mom is.
thumbnailA pretty pond.
thumbnailSome stairs in the park.
thumbnailSome other stairs in the park.  I think it's pretty novel that they put a slide next to the stairs.  That way you don't have to walk down the stairs.  Don't try it in a skirt.
thumbnailThese kids went down after my mom, Akemi, and me.
thumbnailIn the garden.
thumbnailNotice the butterly on the flower.
thumbnailWe discovered later, after quietly taking a few pictures, that it was dead.  Somebody had placed it on the flower.
thumbnailBirds of Japan.

After the park, we went out for coffee and cake at a diner nearby.  We gave some presents to the mothers in attendence.

thumbnailMom with a Mother's Day present and her dessert.
thumbnailMore tasty dessert.
thumbnailMy tasty dessert.
thumbnailMore tasty dessert.
thumbnailAkemi and me.  Akemi is looking at the card I made for my mom for Mother's Day.

Ramen in Kobe

After saying goodbyes with Akemi and her mom, we headed for Kobe.  I should say that my mom and Akemi seemed sad to say goodbye.  We all had such a wonderful time together on this trip.  But, after the goodbyes, my mom and I went to get some ramen.  I really wanted to go to my favorite ramen shop in Kobe, Ippudo.  Ippudo has excellent ramen, a nice shop to enjoy it in, and a beautiful artful bathroom to get rid of it in after you've eaten it.  Unlike the not-so-good ramen we had the other night, we enjoyed this very much.  I love this place to tears.  I was thrilled to find my mom felt the same way.  The ramen is about as good as ramen can be.  They have lots of delicious condiments.  It's a nice atmosphere.  We also had some gyoza which were so good, we went for a second order.  Really tasty.

thumbnailHanging out outside Ippudo ramen shop.
thumbnailThe outside of Ippudo.  I took this to make sure I could get back.

Note: Photos marked with "(HQ)" were taken by my mom.

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