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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

I woke up in Nagasaki and took the train to Himeji. I set out for the famouse Himeji-jo (castle). When I got there, I found the Himeji Zoo nearby and ducked in for a stroll. Here's a map of the zoo. I think it's cute. Himeji Zoo map
I took quite a few pictures. However, I always think people look funny taking pictures of animals in zoos. It's like they think they are some great wildlife photographer. What's the value? Is it that unusual to go to a zoo? I don't see the point. Maybe other people thought I was a little funny. Therefore, I scrapped the animal pictures. Here's a picture of the entrance. Himeji City Zoo
After the zoo, I went on to Himeji's main attraction, the great Himeji-jo. Himeji-jo is recognized by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) as a world cultural heritage site. So, it's definitely something to see. It dates back as early as 1346. It is said to have a very intelligent design from a military perspective. It is in excellent condition now. Here's a picture of me outside the castle. Himeji castle with Alex

Here's a nice photo of the castle from the pamphlet.

After seeing the castle, I headed back for the train station and left for Osaka.

Himeji castle


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